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TV & Film Production



VibeWire.Live created a full service Film & TV production division. We created this division to produce and finance projects in the U.S, Africa and the West Indies.


Our team have years of experience in producing short films, major motion picture films and reality shows for national TV, and the web.


If you need a short film, tv show/series, or TV reality show produced? No problem, lets sit down and go over your concept together, and create a marketable idea that we can produce. Also no need to shop for networks. VibeWire.Live has a global reach to expose, promote and launch your content on every major OTT platform. Giving you more control and ownership of your content.  


You don’t have to be a celebrity to have your own TV show anymore, regular people are making good quality content and we have the platform to launch your film, tv series, reality show or short film on VibeWire TV!


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Production Set & Crew


The production process is broken down into four basic phases. Our process is the same for any video production, which includes everything corporate or branding videos, to live stream event coverage, but especially holds true for film production, and TV commercial production. Our goal is to simplify the process for every person involved in your video project.


Initial Discovery Process

We begin planning the project from A-Z to ensure your initial idea comes to fruition in the end.


Lights! Camera! Action!

Our film crew comes to the location, set up their equipment, and capture all footage in HD.


Putting the cherry on top!

This is where all the magic happens, we compile the footage together crafting the final video project.


Share with the world!

Once completed and approved, we provide you with your new video in your desired format

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