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VibeWire Live Production 


VibeWire.Live production staff has over 35 combined years in TV & Film Production, Special Events / Concert Production arena.  VibeWire.Live has assembled some of the best talented engineers and producers that provide creative, memorable, and top level experiences. A diverse scope of professionals – stage and graphic designers, and event production personnel – which has allowed us to build a competent team that is best suited for each and every project. Providing the best value for our clients while keeping our team focused on their true passions, RESULTS!

From concept to completion, we are global thinkers able to orchestrate all aspects of every event with excellence. 

No matter if it's creative services, production services, post-production services, or a stage rental you need, VibeWire.Live is fully equipped and staffed to deliver. 


Stage Lighting

Preparing lighting means ensuring all equipment is working properly and, when using effects, verifying that changes are responding on cue. You should always leave room for unpredictability. Since the growth of LED lighting, stage lighting has become less power consumptive, which means bulbs are cooler and less hazardous. Not to mention the color options are virtually infinite. In a nutshell, using LED lighting rather than traditional spotlights reduces the likelihood of fires and other dangers associated with lighting.

Sound System

If fans can't hear your music, the concert production is a failure. One of the toughest aspects of sound engineering is dealing with the unexpected. Any unplanned events that occur during the live musical performance mean the sound will need to be adjusted in real time. In order to prepare for the show, you'll need to be aware of every musician's role and when changes in the music will be cued. You'll need to ensure the equipment matches not only the musical style but the performance style as well. The sound system gives the music its balance, and if it is not working properly or if the engineer is not adequately trained or prepared, the audience won't be able to connect.

Staging System

Build it well and they will enjoy! We provide Stage Equipment and Mobile Staging Solutions. VibeWire Production team can (and will) transform a desert landscape into the sought-after venue and party destination.

We take the familiar and marry it with the unfamiliar, to transform any location into a platform worthy of catapulting the greatest of presentations or performances to new heights. From indoor corporate stages, turntables and rolling-riser packages for bands, our team can deliver any staging equipment for all of your event needs.

  • Remote Live Stream w/ 2-Technician

    +$450 Flypack Setup / Travel Fee
    Livestream production with 2 Member Tech/Op Crew. 2 to 3
    • FoMaKo 4K 60FPS 20X Zoom AI Auto-Tracking NDI PTZ Camera
    • Technician
    • Operator
    • Video Flypack
    • Mini Audio System
  • Logistics & Production Team

    +$2,750 Event Logistics
    Production and Logistics
    • VibeWire Live - Initial Production Cost
    • Note: Additional costs will appear on final invoice
  • VibeWire Live PPV Live Stream Events

    +$1.25 Event Fee
    See Event Calendar for Updates
    • PPV Live Stream
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